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Essential Tutorials & Files for Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3 & PC)


Click to see the Top 10 Custom Maps, a list of all the Maps we Recommend and/or Host on both Dedicated PS3 Servers.



Click here to visit the GOW's PC Clan & Performance Guide Thread where you can find a tool to benchmark and evaluate different Hardware components so you can make a more informed purchase in terms of Unreal Performance. This thread will be growing more and more as time passes.



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The PC - Performance Guide & Clan Thread (Image Link Above) will remain a hot topic. More members of GOW & the community are researching or have already purchased the hardware required to run Unreal Tournament 3 on Windows/Linux Platforms. Seeing is believing.
Please see the GodsOfWarfare Clan Info Forum for more current events info.




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GodsOfWarfare Info: (TXT will be updated w/ links soon)


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Default Map Layouts - Printable

Warfare Key Guides by KRT. Each overhead map contains the placement of every item on each "official" map to date. All of these are hosted at BeyondUnreal with his permission.

WAR-AvalancheWAR-Avalanche-Two-Fronts WAR-DowntownWAR-Downtown-Two-Fronts WAR-DuskWAR-Dusk-Free-Mine WAR-FloodgateWAR-Islander-Necris WAR-IslanderWAR-Market-District WAR-Onyx-CoastWAR-Power-Surge WAR-SerenityWAR-Serenity-Necris WAR-SinkholeWAR-Tank-Crossing WAR-Torlan-NecrisWAR-Torlan WAR-Torlan-ClassicWAR-Torlan-Double-Prime WAR-Torlan-Short 



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